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What is Electro Dry needling?

Electro Dry Needling is a modified form of dry needling that combines the use of fine filament needles with electrical stimulation.

During electro dry needling, a trained practitioner inserts thin needles (similar to those used in traditional dry needling) into specific areas of the body. These needles are connected to an electro-stimulation unit via cables. The electrical current generated by the device can enhance the effects of the needling procedure.

How does Electro Dry needling work?

When the needle is inserted, the electrical current elicits a “twitch response” in the targeted muscle. This response is a small muscle contraction. Electrical stimulation can be applied to a single needle or multiple needles across one or more muscles. It can also be used to retrain dysfunctional muscles caught in a pain-spasm cycle.

Benefits of Electro Dry needling:

  • Muscle Function: It improves muscle function by training the muscle to fire properly.
  • Pain Reduction: Electrical stimulation can reduce pain by releasing certain chemicals in the central nervous system.
  • Reduced Muscle Tone: It helps decrease muscle tone when muscles are in spasm.
  • Improved Blood Flow: Electro dry needling increases local blood flow to the treated area.
  • Enhanced Range of Motion: It may improve joint mobility and flexibility.